On Friday 31 Jan 2003 9:56 am, you wrote:
> Kevin Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> But this only wins if a child process inheriting an open file also
> inherits copies of any locks held by the parent.  If not, then the
> issue is moot.  Anybody have any idea if file locks work that way?
> Is it portable??

In my experience of HP-UX and linux, they do differ. How much, I don't 

I have a stupid proposal. Keep file lock aside. I think shared memory can be 
kept alive even after process dies. Why not write a shared memory segment id 
to a file and let postmaster check that segment. That would be much easier.

Besides file locking is implemented using setgid  bit on most unices. And 
everybody is free to do what he/she thinks right with it.

May be stupid but just a thought..


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