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            On 17/02/16 01:17, Julien Rouhaud wrote:

                Agreed, it's too obscure. Attached v4 fixes as you said.

            Seems to be simple enough patch and works. However I would like
            documentation to say that the range is 0 to 1 and represents
            fraction of
            the queries sampled, because right now both the GUC
            description and the
            documentation say it's in percent but that's not really true
            as percent
            is 0 to 100.

        Agreed. v5 attached fixes that.

    Great, I will test it once more (just because when I don't bugs
    suddenly appear out of nowhere) and mark it ready for committer.

Coming back to the previous discussions about random() - AFAICT this
patch will introduce the random() call always (in explain_ExecutorStart):

+if (auto_explain_log_min_duration >= 0 && nesting_level == 0)
+current_query_sampled = (random() < auto_explain_sample_ratio *

No it doesn't as the documented way to turn off auto_explain is to set auto_explain_log_min_duration to -1 which is also the default.

In any case the code for that would have to be something like
if (auto_explain_sample_ratio == 0)
     current_query_sampled = false
else if <the original if>

Not sure if I consider that cleaner but it would definitely remove the call to random() in case user has set auto_explain_log_min_duration to something else than -1 and "turned off" the auto_explain by setting auto_explain_sample_ratio to 0.

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