On 2016-03-12 01:05:43 +0300, Vladimir Borodin wrote:
> > 12 марта 2016 г., в 0:22, Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> написал(а):
> > Only that it isn't. It's stored in PGPROC.  
> Sorry, I missed that. So monitoring of wait events for auxiliary processes 
> still could be implemented?

It's basically a question of where to report the information.

> >> Seems that current implementation doesn’t give reasonable ways to
> >> implement all that features and it is really sad.
> > 
> > Why is that?
> Storing information about wait event in 4 bytes gives an ability to
> store only wait type and event. No way to store duration or extra
> information (i.e. buffer number for I/O events or buffer manager
> LWLocks). Maybe I’m missing something...

Sure, but that that's just incrementally building features?


Andres Freund

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