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> > Similarly for the wait event stuff - checkpointer, wal writer,
> > background writer are in many cases processes that very often are
> > blocked on locks, IO and such.  Thus restricting the facility to
> > database connected processes seems like a loss.
> I think one way to address this would be to not only report
> PgBackendStatus type processes in pg_stat_activity. While that'd
> obviously be a compatibility break, I think it'd be an improvement.

I think here another point which needs more thoughts is that many of the
pg_stat_activity fields are not relevant for background processes, ofcourse
one can say that we can keep those fields as NULL, but still I think that
indicates it is not the most suitable way to expose such information.

Another way could be to have new view like pg_stat_background_activity with
only relevant fields or try expose via individual views like

Do you intend to get this done for 9.6 considering an add-on patch for wait
event information displayed in pg_stat_activity?

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