I wrote:
> 2. As I was just complaining to -hackers, plpython plperl and pltcl
> all now contain attempts to pass uint64 values (from SPI_processed)
> into language-specific functions.  We need to figure out whether
> that will overflow and whether it's worth doing something about.

I fixed this along the lines suggested by Salvador Fandino, viz convert
to the language's equivalent of "double" if it wouldn't fit in int
or long respectively.  Tcl turns out to have a native int64 type
("WideInt") so that was slightly less messy.

I've pushed this so we can get some buildfarm testing, but it wouldn't
be a bad idea for someone to review the committed patch.  Chasing all
the dependencies was tedious and I'm still not real sure I found them

                        regards, tom lane

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