On 14 March 2016 at 17:05, James Sewell <james.sew...@lisasoft.com> wrote:
> Hi again,
> I've been playing around with inheritance combined with this patch. Currently 
> it looks like you are taking max(parallel_degree) from all the child tables 
> and using that for the number of workers.
> For large machines it makes much more sense to use sum(parallel_degree) - but 
> I've just seen this comment in the code:
>     /*
>      * Decide what parallel degree to request for this append path.  For
>      * now, we just use the maximum parallel degree of any member.  It
>      * might be useful to use a higher number if the Append node were
>      * smart enough to spread out the workers, but it currently isn't.
>      */
> Does this mean that even though we are aggregating in parallel, we are only 
> operating on one child table at a time currently?

There is nothing in the planner yet, or any patch that I know of to
push the Partial Aggregate node to below an Append node. That will
most likely come in 9.7.

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