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> Hi,
> Here is the comments for foreign_join_ok in postgres_fdw.c:
> /*
>  * Assess whether the join between inner and outer relations can be
> pushed down
>  * to the foreign server. As a side effect, save information we obtain
> in this
>  * function to PgFdwRelationInfo passed in.
>  *
>  * Joins that satisfy conditions below are safe to push down.
>  *
>  * 1) Join type is INNER or OUTER (one of LEFT/RIGHT/FULL)
>  * 2) Both outer and inner portions are safe to push-down
>  * 3) All foreign tables in the join belong to the same foreign server
> and use
>  *    the same user mapping.
>  * 4) All join conditions are safe to push down
>  * 5) No relation has local filter (this can be relaxed for INNER JOIN,
> if we
>  *    can move unpushable clauses upwards in the join tree).
>  */
The condition 3 is now checked by the core, so I'd like to remove that
> condition from the above comments.

It was left there intentionally to document all the conditions in one place
(some from the core and some from the FDW itself), for a ready reference.
In case tomorrow core thinks that matching user mapping is not required,
postgres_fdw would still require it to be incorporated.

> In addition, I'd like to update some related comments in
> src/include/nodes/relation.h and src/backend/optimizer/path/joinpath.c.

Those look fine. Sorry for missing those in the commit and thanks for
providing a patch for the same.

Best Wishes,
Ashutosh Bapat
EnterpriseDB Corporation
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