14.03.2016 16:23, David Steele:
On 2/25/16 4:44 PM, Vitaly Burovoy wrote:

Added to the commitfest 2016-03.

[CF] https://commitfest.postgresql.org/9/540/

This looks like a fairly straight-forward bug fix (the size of the patch is deceptive because there a lot of new tests included). It applies cleanly.

Anastasia, I see you have signed up to review. Do you have an idea when you will get the chance to do that?


I've read the patch thoroughly and haven't found any problems. I think that the patch is in a very good shape.
It fixes a bug and has an excellent set of tests.

There is an issue, mentioned in the thread above:

postgres=# select
postgres-#      to_char(date_trunc('week', '4713-01-01 BC'::date),'day')
postgres-#     ,to_char(date_trunc('week', '4714-12-29 BC'::date),'day')
postgres-#     ,to_char(date_trunc('week', '4714-12-28 BC'::date),'day');
 to_char  |  to_char  |  to_char
monday    | monday    | thursday
(1 row)

since 4714-12-28 BC and to the past detection when a week is starting
is broken (because it is boundary of isoyears -4713 and -4712).
Is it worth to break undocumented range or leave it as is?

But I suppose that behavior of undocumented dates is not essential.

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