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> * I think the comparison logic may have a bug.
> Does this work with amcheck? Maybe it works with bt_index_check(), but
> not bt_index_parent_check()? I think that you need to make sure that
> _bt_compare() knows about this, too. That's because it isn't good
> enough to let a truncated internal IndexTuple compare equal to a
> scankey when non-truncated attributes are equal. I think you need to
> have an imaginary "minus infinity" attribute past the first
> non-truncated attribute (i.e. "minus infinity value" for the first
> *truncated* attribute). That way, the downlinks will always be lower
> bounds when the non-"included"/truncated attributes are involved. This
> seems necessary. No?

Oh, BTW: You probably need to worry about high key items as a special
case, too. Note that there is a special case when the ScanKey is equal
to the high key on a page during insertion. As the nbtree README puts

An insertion that sees the high key of its target page is equal to the key
to be inserted has a choice whether or not to move right, since the new
key could go on either page.  (Currently, we try to find a page where
there is room for the new key without a split.)


Just something to watch out for if you add "minus infinity" attributes
as I suggested. Not exactly sure what to do about this other problem,
but it seems manageable.

Peter Geoghegan

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