On 3/15/16 2:28 PM, Jernigan, Kevin wrote:
> I recently joined the product management team for AWS RDS Postgres
> (after years at Oracle in their database team), and we are very
> interested in confirming (or not) that the fix for the problem below
> will be included in 9.5.2, and in the community’s plans (likely date)
> for releasing 9.5.2.

The patch was reverted in the 9.5 branch, so assuming that that is the
end of this investigation (which it appears to be), then it will be part
of the 9.5.2 release.

> Is there an email list other than hackers where we can follow
> discussions on release plans for 9.5.2 (and future releases)?

This is a good list to follow to know about release schedules.

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