On 03/18/2016 09:42 AM, John Snow wrote:
Hi everyone!

Trying to make VACUUM FREEZE on PG instance and keep getting this error:

2016-03-18 05:56:51 UTC   46750 WARNING:  oldest xmin is far in the past
2016-03-18 05:56:51 UTC   46750 HINT:  Close open transactions soon to
avoid wraparound problems.
2016-03-18 05:56:51 UTC   46750 DEBUG:  transaction ID wrap limit is
2654342112, limited by database with OID 1
2016-03-18 05:56:51 UTC   46750 DEBUG:  MultiXactId wrap limit is
2147483648, limited by database with OID 12451

Also "age" and "relfrozenxid" doesnt't change.

That probably means there's an old transaction somewhere - either a regular one (check pg_stat_activity) or a prepared one (pg_prepared_xacts).

The meaning of "old" depends on autovacuum_freeze_max_age - what value is set in the session running the VACUUM FREEZE?


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