On 3/10/16 1:24 PM, Corey Huinker wrote:

    New patch for Alvaro's consideration.

    Very minor changes since the last time, the explanations below are
    literally longer than the changes:
    - Rebased, though I don't think any of the files had changed in the
    mean time
    - Removed infinity checks/errors and the test cases to match
    - Amended documentation to add 'days' after 'step' as suggested
    - Did not add a period as suggested, to remain consistent with other
    descriptions in the same sgml table
    - Altered test case and documentation of 7 day step example so that
    the generated dates do not land evenly on the end date. A reader
    might incorrectly infer that the end date must be in the result set,
    when it doesn't have to be.
    - Removed unnecessary indentation that existed purely due to
    following of other generate_series implementations

As far as I can see overall support is in favor of this patch although it is not overwhelming by any means.

I think in this case it comes down to a committer's judgement so I have marked this "ready for committer" and passed the buck on to Álvaro.


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