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Possible compromise: remove files only in non-Assert builds?

That sorta seems like tying two things together that aren't obviously
related.  I think building with --enable-cassert is support to enable
debugging cross-checks, not change behavior.

Well, it's support to enable debugging, and I would classify not
destroying evidence as being debugging support.

Another option: keep stuff around for a single restart. I don't think this would be that hard by having a file that's a list of files to remove on the next restart. On restart, remove everything in that file (and the file itself). If there's anything left, create a new file that's the list of what's left.

The other nice thing about having this list is it would tell the DBA exactly what files were left after the crash vs what's new.

Actually, I guess another option would be to have a separate directory to move all these files into. On restart, nuke the directory if it exists, then move stuff in there if necessary.
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