Daniel Verite wrote:

> # \copy bigtext2 from '/var/tmp/bigtext.sql'
> ERROR:  54000: out of memory
> DETAIL:  Cannot enlarge string buffer containing 1073741808 bytes by 8191
> more bytes.
> CONTEXT:  COPY bigtext2, line 1
> LOCATION:  enlargeStringInfo, stringinfo.c:278

To go past that problem, I've tried tweaking the StringInfoData
used for COPY FROM, like the original patch does in CopyOneRowTo. 

It turns out that it fails a bit later when trying to make a tuple
from the big line, in heap_form_tuple():

  tuple = (HeapTuple) palloc0(HEAPTUPLESIZE + len);

which fails because (HEAPTUPLESIZE + len) is again considered
an invalid size, the  size being 1468006476 in my test.

At this point it feels like a dead end, at least for the idea that extending
StringInfoData might suffice to enable COPYing such large rows.

Best regards,
Daniel Vérité
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