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> > > Why backend just waits, why can't it does the same work as any
> > > worker does?  In general, for other parallelism features the
> > > backend also behaves the same way as worker in producing the
> > > results if the results from workers is not available.
> >
> > We can make backend do the same work as any worker, but that
> > will complicate the code for less than 2 % perfomance boost.
> Why do you think it will be just 2%?  I think for single worker case,
> it should be much more as the master backend will be less busy in
> consuming tuples from tuple queue.  I can't say much about
> code-complexity, as I haven't yet looked carefully at the logic of
> patch, but we didn't find much difficulty while doing it for parallel
> scans.  One of the commit which might help you in understanding how
> currently heap scans are parallelised is
> ee7ca559fcf404f9a3bd99da85c8f4ea9fbc2e92, you can see if that can
> help you in anyway for writing a generic API for Gin parallel builds.

I looked at the timing details some time ago, which showed
that the backend spent about 1% of total time on data
transfer from 1 worker, and 3% on transfer and merging from
2 workers. So if we use (active backend + 1 worker) instead
of (passive backend + 2 workers), we still have to spend
1.5% on transfer and merging.

Or we can look at these measurements (from yesterday's

wnum mem(MB) time(s)
   0      16     247
   1      16     256
   2      16     126

If 2 workers didn't have to transfer and merge their
results, they would have finished in 247 / 2 = 123.5
seconds. But the transfer and merging took another 2.5
seconds. The merging takes a little longer than the
transfer. If we now use backend+worker we get rid of 1
transfer, but still have to do 1 transfer and then merge, so
we will save less than a quarter of those 2.5 seconds.

In other words, we gain almost nothing by teaching the
backend how to be a worker.


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