On Thursday 30 January 2003 12:07, Tom Lane wrote:
> "D'Arcy J.M. Cain" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I have posted before about this but I am now posting to both NetBSD and
> > PostgreSQL since it seems to be some sort of interaction between the two.
> >  I have a NetAPP filer on which I am putting a PostgreSQL database.  I
> > run PostgreSQL on a NetBSD box.  I used rsync to get the database onto
> > the filer with no problem whatsoever but as soon as I try to open the
> > database the NFS mount hangs and I can't do any operations on that
> > mounted drive without hanging.
> That's darn odd.  But please be more specific: what's "open the
> database"?  Start the postmaster?  Start a psql?  Issue a query?

Start the postmaster.  It is possible that I have a corrupted database but I 
was using that as a debugging tool because I still don't think that the whole 
NFS subsystem should lock up.  The other time I tested it took hours to fail 
and I found it useful to have an immediate fail.

> Perhaps the next thing to do is to strace (ktrace, trace, truss,
> whatever system-call tracing utility you got) the postmaster and
> child processes.  If we could determine what system call is hanging up,
> we might be a little closer to solving the mystery.

Ktrace.  Yes, am doing another test at the moment - using 100Mb to 100Mb and 
TCP option to the mount.  Before I was using the default UDP and going 100Mb 
to 1000 Mb.  If this works I will try my "guaranteed" fail next and will add 
ktrace.  In fact, I will do that regardless.

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