OK cool, thanks.

Can we remove the minimum size limit when the per table degree setting is

This would help for tables with 2  - 1000 pages combined with a high CPU
cost aggregate.


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> On 18 March 2016 at 10:13, James Sewell <james.sew...@lisasoft.com> wrote:
> > This does bring up an interesting point I don't quite understand though.
> If I run parallel agg on a table with 4 rows with 2 workers will it run on
> two workers (2 rows each) or will the first one grab all 4 rows?
> It works on a per page basis, workers just each grab the next page to
> be scanned from a page counter that sits in shared memory, the worker
> just increments the page number, releases the lock on the counter and
> scans that page.
> See heap_parallelscan_nextpage()
> So the answer to your question is probably no. At least not unless the
> the page only contained 2 rows.
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