Hi there,

we've discussed with Teodor about adding ranking feature to tsearch and
seems we've found a way to do that. New version of tsearch will have
ranking supports, friendly configurability, linguistic options
 and removing some internal limits. Expect alpha-version in 1-2 weeks.
But, we need help to create good documentation for tsearch !
This is main stopper for releasing of tsearch.

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Uros Gruber wrote:

> Hi,
> about this problem i was talking about. With openFTS you're
> forced to use those two fields. If you wan't to use other
> columns you can, becase of those 2 functions.
> I make someking workaround and concatenate all columns and
> index this. But then you can't change weight for each column.
> Because of this i think that we have to work more on this
> tsearch and ranking and make this more close to postgresql.

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