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> No. Not as local service. The user should be the new standard user
> that is created
> in the system.

Which was done how, exactly?

Commands run? Steps taken?

PostgreSQL drops privileges once it starts, so it's actually pretty OK to
run it as an admin user, NetworkService, etc.

Otherwise you should really make a service user, not a regular user
account. Don't allow the account to log in interactively, do allow it to
log in as a service. Don't make it a domain account unless you need domain
integration for SSPI etc.

The best option on newer Windows should be to use a managed service account
(https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff641731(v=ws.10).aspx) or
virtual account. Eventually the installer should switch to doing that
automatically instead of using NetworkService.

> >> 5. Now try to start the services, the second service fails with the
> >> error message.
> >> 6. Error details can be found out in Event log viewer.

Can you get a Process Monitor trace of startup and check exactly where it's
getting access denied, doing what?

You may have to dig through a *lot* of output to find it.

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