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    +* First try to get the lock in no-wait mode, if succeed extend one
      * block, else get the lock in normal mode and after we get the lock
    -LockBuffer(buffer, BUFFER_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE);
    +buffer =
    RelationAddOneBlock(relation, otherBuffer, bistate);

    Won't this cause one extra block addition after backend extends the
    relation for multiple blocks, what is the need of same?

This is the block for this backend, Extra extend for future request and
already added to FSM. I could have added this count along with extra
block in RelationAddExtraBlocks, But In that case I need to put some
extra If for saving one buffer for this bakend and then returning that
the specific buffer to caller, and In caller also need to distinguish
between who wants to add one block or who have got one block added in
along with extra block.

I think this way code is simple.. That everybody comes down will add one
block for self use. and all other functionality and logic is above, i.e.
wether to take lock or not, whether to add extra blocks or not..

I also think the code simplicity makes this worth it.

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