On 03/23/2016 02:53 AM, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
The users will be able to define statistics with the limitation that
only a single one (the one covering the most columns referenced by the
clauses) can be used when estimating a query. Which is not perfect,
but I think it's a valuable improvement.

It might also be possible to split 0006 into smaller pieces, for
example implementing the "non-overlapping statistics" case first and
then extending it to more complicated cases. That might increase the
change of getting at least some of that into 9.6 ...

But considering it's not clear whether the initial chunks are likely
to make it into 9.6 - I kinda expect a fair amount of comments from TL
about the preceding parts, who mentioned he might look at the patch
this week. So I'm not sure splitting 0006 into smaller pieces makes
sense at this point.

Thanks for the explanation. I will look into patch 0001 to 0005 so
that they could get into 9.6.

In the mean time after applying patch 0001 to 0005 of v16, I get this
while compiling SGML docs.

openjade:ref/create_statistics.sgml:281:26:X: reference to non-existent ID 
openjade:ref/drop_statistics.sgml:86:26:X: reference to non-existent ID 

I believe this is because reference.sgml is missing a call to &alterStatistic (per report by Alvaro Herrera).


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