On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 3:43 PM, Pavan Deolasee
<pavan.deola...@gmail.com> wrote:
> While investigating some issue, I found that pg_xlogdump fails to dump
> contents from a WAL file if the file has continuation data from previous WAL
> record and the data spans more than one page. In such cases,
> XLogFindNextRecord() fails to take into account that there will be more than
> one xlog page headers (long and short) and thus tries to read from an offset
> where no valid record exists. That results in pg_xlogdump throwing error
> such as:

OK. That makes sense, that is indeed a possible scenario.

> Attached WAL file from master branch demonstrates the issue, generated using
> synthetic data. Also, attached patch fixes it for me.

So does it for me.

> While we could have deduced the number of short and long headers and skipped
> directly to the offset, I found reading one page at a time and using
> XLogPageHeaderSize() to find header size of each page separately, a much
> cleaner way. Also, the continuation data is not going to span many pages. So
> I don't see any harm in doing it that way.

I have to agree, the new code is pretty clean this way by calculating
the next page LSN directly in the loop should the record be longer
than it.

> I encountered this on 9.3, but the patch applies to both 9.3 and master. I
> haven't tested it on other branches, but I have no reason to believe it
> won't apply or work. I believe we should back patch it all supported
> branches.

Agreed, that's a bug, and the logic of your patch looks good to me.

+       /*
+        * Compute targetRecOff. It should typically be greater than short
+        * page-header since a valid record can't , but can also be zero when
+        * caller has supplied a page-aligned address or when we are skipping
+        * multi-page continuation record. It doesn't matter though because
+        * ReadPageInternal() will read at least short page-header worth of
+        * data
+        */
This needs some polishing, there is an unfinished sentence here.

+       targetRecOff = tmpRecPtr % XLOG_BLCKSZ;
targetRecOff, pageHeaderSize and targetPagePtr could be declared
inside directly the new while loop.

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