In the past couple of weeks our PostGIS tests against PostgreSQL 9.6 dev
started failing.  I traced the issue down to a behavior change in 9.6 when
dealing with output of set returning functions when used with (func).*

Here is an example not involving PostGIS.  Is this an intentional change in

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION dumpset(param_num integer, param_text text)
RETURNS TABLE(id integer, junk1 text, junk2 text)
 RETURN QUERY SELECT id2 As id, $1 || $2::text As junk1, $1 || id2::text AS
FROM generate_series(1,2) As id2;

language 'plpgsql';

-- Get 16 rows in 9.6, Get 8 rows in 9.5
SELECT (dumpset(f.test, 'hello world' || f.test)).*
FROM generate_series(1,4) As f(test)
ORDER BY junk2;

I know that functions get called multiple times with (..).* and so it's
frowned upon, but before the results would only return once and I suspect
for people who are lazy and also don't mind the penalty cost they might just
use this syntax.
If its intentional I can change the tests to follow the best practice

I think the tests started failing around March 8th which I thought might
have to do with this commit: 9118d03a8cca3d97327c56bf89a72e328e454e63
(around that time) 
When appropriate, postpone SELECT output expressions till after ORDER
It is frequently useful for volatile, set-returning, or expensive
functions in a SELECT's targetlist to be postponed till after ORDER BY
and LIMIT are done.

Which involved change in output sort.

I'm not absolutely sure if this has to do with that commit, because we had
another test failing (where the order of the result changed, and putting in
an order by fixed that test). 


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