mysql does not have cygwin in the server, either static or otherwise.
We looked at the code a while back and confirmed this.  mysql has a much
smaller code base than pg.

If they did, it would be a very strange deal because you can link your
app directly to the mysql server (for 200$...non GPL) which would be a
weird  interaction with cygwin license if it were static linked to the
mysql server (it isn't).

mysql does have some win32 isms in the code, notably asnch file i/o in
some cases (mostly the import), which gives very fast data import speed
(amazingly fast, even). In testing, this turned out to be the only thing
fast about mysql on windows so we dropped the project.

mysql on windows also seems to spend a lot of time waiting on mutexes
and is not stable when canceling large queries in progress.


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