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> > Probably the most discussion-worthy item is whether we can say
> > anything more about the strxfrm mess.  Should we make a wiki
> > page about that and have the release note item link to it?
> I think that there is an argument against doing so, which is that
> right now, all we have to offer on that are weasel words. However, I'm
> still in favor of a Wiki page, because I would not be at all surprised
> if our understanding of this problem evolved, and we were able to
> offer better answers in several weeks. Realistically, it will probably
> take at least that long before affected users even start to think
> about this.

‚ÄčOne question to debate is whether placing a list of "known" (collated from
the program runs lots of people performed) would do more harm than good.
Personally I'd rather see a list of known failures and evaluate my
situation objectively (i.e., large index but no reported problem on my
combination of locale and platform).  I understand that a lack of evidence
is not proof that I am unaffected at this stage in the game.  Having
something I can execute on my server to try and verify behavior -
irrespective of the correctness of the indexes themselves - would be

David J.

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