Hi all,

While reading some code of pg_dump, I noticed that the following
pattern is heavily present:
        lanname = pg_strdup(stuff)

One example is for example that:
        lanname = get_language_name(fout, transforminfo[i].trflang);
        if (typeInfo && lanname)
            appendPQExpBuffer(&namebuf, "%s %s",
                              typeInfo->dobj.name, lanname);
        transforminfo[i].dobj.name = namebuf.data;
And get_language_name() uses pg_strdup() to allocate the string freed here.

When pg_strdup or any pg-related allocation routines are called, I
think that we should use pg_free() and not free(). It does not matter
much in practice because pg_free() calls actually free() and the
latter per the POSIX spec should do nothing if the input pointer is
NULL (some version of SunOS that crash on that actually :p), but we
really had better be consistent in the calls done. Thoughts?

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