* Tom Lane wrote:

Christian Ullrich <ch...@chrullrich.net> writes:

zic aborts somewhere between writing Etc/UTC and UTC.

Huh ... I would not have guessed that.  Can you track down exactly
where it's failing?

I'd love to, but with 656ee84 I cannot reproduce on my Windows 10 system. I can try on the animals where it actually failed, but now that there's a fix, that won't be necessary, right?

We absorbed some new code in zic.c for creating subdirectories of the
target timezone directory, and said code seemed a bit odd to me,
but I supposed that the IANA guys had debugged it already.  Maybe not.
Or maybe the problem is with some specific input file that gets
reached somewhere in that range?

My first guess was that it stumbles over the two-character directory name, but according to Michael Paquier's fix, that guess was wrong.


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