On 3/24/16 5:22 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Christian Ullrich wrote:

To be honest, I'm not sure what can and cannot be done in auth code. I
took inspiration from the existing SSPI code and nearly every error
check in pg_SSPI_recvauth() ends up doing ereport(ERROR) already,
directly or via pg_SSPI_error(). If this could cause serious trouble,
someone would have noticed yet.

I think the problem is whether the report is sent to the client or not,
but I may be confusing with something else (COMMERROR reports?).

What *could* happen, anyway? Can ereport(ERROR) in a backend make the
postmaster panic badly enough to force a shared memory reset?

Probably not, since it's running in a backend already at that point, not
in postmaster.

It seems like this patch should be set "ready for committer". Can one of the reviewers do that if appropriate?


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