Pavel Stehule <> writes:
> I tested COPY RAW on old psql clients - and it is working without any
> problem - so when the client uses same logic as psql, then it should to
> work. Sure, there can be differently implemented clients, but the COPY
> client side is usually simple - store stream to output.

My point is precisely that I doubt all clients are that stupid about COPY.

> Maybe I am blind, but I don't see any new security risks. The risk can be
> only on client side - and if client is not able work with new value, then
> it can fails.

Well, the point is that low-level code might get used to process the data
stream for commands it doesn't have any control over.  Maybe there's no
realistic security risk there, or maybe there is; I'm not sure.

> I am thinking so PQbinaryTuples should to return 1 (without change), and
> PQfformat should to return 2.

Well, that seems pretty backwards to me.  The format of the individual
fields is still what it is under COPY BINARY; you would not use a
different per-field transformation.  You do need to know about the
overall format of the copy data stream being different, and defining
PQbinaryTuples as still returning 1 means there's no clean way to
understand overall copy format vs. per-field format.

There's a case to be made that we should invent a new function named
along the lines of PQcopyFormat() rather than overloading PQbinaryTuples()
some more.  That function is currently deprecated and I'm not very happy
with un-deprecating it only to use it in a confusing way.

To be more concrete about this: I think it's actually rather broken
that this patch ties RAW to binary format of the field contents.
Why would it not be exactly as useful to have delimiter-less COPY
of textual data, for use when there's just one datum and/or you're
confident in picking the data apart for yourself?  But as things stand
it'd be too confusing for an application to try to figure out what's
happening in such a case.

So I think we should either invent RAW_TEXT and RAW_BINARY formats
(not just RAW) or make RAW be an orthogonal copy option.  And we need
to improve libpq's behavior enough so that applications can sanely
figure out what's happening.

> I executed all tests in libpq and ecpg without any problems. Can you,
> please, help me with repeating a ecpg issues?

Of course the ecpg tests pass; you didn't extend them to see what would
happen if someone tries COPY RAW with ecpg.   Likewise, we have no tests
exercising a client's use of libpq with more intelligence than psql has
got.  But that doesn't mean it's acceptable to write this patch with no
thought for such clients.

I am fairly sure that there actually are third-party client libraries
that have more intelligence about COPY than psql, but I do not remember
any specifics unfortunately.

                        regards, tom lane

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