On Sunday 02 February 2003 12:26, Tom Lane wrote:
> "D'Arcy J.M. Cain" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Also odd, why would running over NFS have any bearing on it if we
> > could find such a place?
> Yup, 'tis the question.  The only theory I have been able to come up
> with is that there's something flaky about your network hardware,

Possible but two separate networks?

> At this point I think you need to rebuild with --enable-debug and
> --enable-cassert (if you didn't already) and then capture some
> stack traces from the stuck backend.  We have to find out what the
> backend thinks it's doing.

That was going to be my next step.

> BTW: *are* we certain it's associated with NFS, and not a hardware
> problem on your NetBSD box?  Can you perform the same tests running
> the database off a local disk?

That box is running 5 production database engines on 5 different ports.  This 
is the 6th one and the only difference is that it is running from the NFS 
mounted drive.

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