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> While working on a tool to capture catalog/stats info and looking at cross
> version compatibility, I noticed that the pg_am changes removed SQL access
> to a bunch of AM info. [1] indicates that's part of the purpose of the
> patch; are we sure no tools are using this info?

Idea is that this kind of information is internal API and shouldn't be
exposed at SQL level.  I'm not quite sure there is no tool using this
info.  Do you know such tools?

> Unlike previous catalog compatibility breaks, this one completely removes
> that information, so if someone was using it they're now completely hosed.
> [1] http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/55fec1ab.8010...@2ndquadrant.com

Do you have any example of this information usage?  If so, we can think
about providing some way of exposing it.  If not, default assumption is
that this information shouldn't be exposed.

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