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> > Available attached or at
> >
> https://github.com/2ndQuadrant/postgres/tree/dev/logical-decoding-timeline-following
> And pushed this too.

Much appreciated. Marked as committed at
https://commitfest.postgresql.org/9/568/ .

This gives us an option for failover of logical replication in 9.6, even if
it's a bit cumbersome and complex for the client, in case failover slots
don't make the cut. And, of course, it's a pre-req for failover slots,
which I'll rebase on top of it shortly.

Andres, I tried to address your comments as best I could. The main one that
I think stayed open was about the loop that finds the last timeline on a
segment. If you think that's better done by directly scanning the List* of
timeline history entries I'm happy to prep a follow-up.

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