On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 01:04:11AM +0900, Masahiko Sawada wrote:
> As a result of looked into code around the recvoery, ISTM that the
> cause is related to relation cache clear.
> In heap_xlog_visible, if the standby server receives WAL record then
> relation cache is eventually cleared in vm_extend,  but If standby
> server receives FPI then relation cache would not be cleared.
> For example, after I applied attached patch to HEAD, (it might not be
> right way but) this problem seems to be resolved.
> Is this a bug? or not?

It's a bug.  I don't expect it causes queries to return wrong answers, because
visibilitymap.c says "it's always safe to clear a bit in the map from
correctness point of view."  (The bug makes a visibility map bit temporarily
appear to have been cleared.)  I still call it a bug, because recovery
behavior becomes too difficult to verify when xlog replay produces conditions
that don't happen outside of recovery.  Even if there's no way to get a wrong
query answer today, this would be too easy to break later.  I wonder if we
make the same omission in other xlog replay functions.  Similar omissions may
cause wrong query answers, even if this particular one does not.

Would you like to bisect for the commit, or at least the major release, at
which the bug first appeared?

I wonder if your discovery has any relationship to this recently-reported case
of insufficient smgr invalidation:


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