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> Hi, Andres!
> Please, find next revision of patch in attachment.
Couple of minor comments:

+  * The following two macroses

is macroses right word to be used here?

+  * of this loop.  It should be used as fullowing:


+  * For local buffers usage of these macros shouldn't be used.

isn't it better to write it as

For local buffers, these macros shouldn't be used.

  static int ts_ckpt_progress_comparator(Datum a, Datum b, void *arg);


Spurious line deletion.

+  * Since buffers are pinned/unpinned very frequently, this functions tries
+  * to pin buffer as cheap as possible.

/this functions tries

which functions are you referring here? Comment seems to be slightly

! if (XLogHintBitIsNeeded() && (pg_atomic_read_u32(&bufHdr->state) &

Is there a reason that you have kept macro's to read refcount and
usagecount, but not for flags?

Apart from this, I have verified that patch compiles on Windows and passed
regressions (make check)!

Nice work!

With Regards,
Amit Kapila.
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