On 2016-04-01 15:09:59 +0530, hari.prasath wrote:
>       I tried to execute a join query using SPI_execute() in logical
>       decoding part and got inconsistent values (i am referring it as
>       inconsistent since it is returning the old values which is
>       present at the postgresql server start).

You are not allowed to access non catalog tables in an output plugin. To quote 
the manual:
> Read only access to relations is permitted as long as only relations are
> accessed that either have been created by <command>initdb</command> in
> the <literal>pg_catalog</literal> schema, or have been marked as user
> provided catalog tables using

The reason for that is that we'd have to keep all rows in the tables, if
you wanted to be look at the state "in the past".


Andres Freund

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