>Can the ConsoleApp thing be written in C so we don't have to get an
>extra C++ compiler for one file (for those who don't want to use the
>Microsoft toolchain)?

Critical sections and semaphores and mutexes are all available from the
win32 API.  I agree with Peter: I am not sure it is a good idea to
introduce MFC dependency for process control and application
initializations.  This would allow compilation without having the MFC
(although, Borland supplies a version of the MFC with its non-free
compilers).  Also, a C++ compiler would not be required although this to
me as strictly an aesthetic point.

Likewise, I think the API functions are the best choice for file i/o for
possible adaption of asynch file i/o.

Despite the name, the apps written carefully using the win32 api should
generally compile ok in 64 bit environment.


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