Amit Kapila <> writes:
> Very valid point.  So, if we see with patch, I think libpq will be
> in PGASYNC_COPY_XXX state after such a failure and next time when it tries
> to again execute statement, it will end copy mode and then allow to proceed
> from there.   This design is required for other purposes like silently
> discarding left over result.  Now, I think the other option(if possible)
> seems to be that we can put libpq in PGASYNC_IDLE, if we get such an error
> as we do at some other places in case of error as below and return OOM
> failure as we do in patch.

If we transition to PGASYNC_IDLE then the next PQexecStart will not
realize that it needs to do something to get out of the COPY state;
but it does, since the backend thinks that we're doing COPY.  That was
the reasoning behind my proposal to invent new PGASYNC states.
Obviously there's more than one way to represent this new state, eg
you could have a separate error flag instead --- but it is a new state.

                        regards, tom lane

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