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> On 2/24/16 12:40 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
> This has the merit to be clear, thanks for the input. Whatever the
>> approach taken at the end we have two candidates:
>> - Extend XLogInsert() with an extra argument for flags (Andres)
>> - Introduce XLogInsertExtended with this extra argument and let
>> XLogInsert() in peace (Robert and I).
>> Actually, I lied, there was still something I could do for this
>> thread: attached are two patches implementing both approaches as
>> respectively a-1 and a-2. Patch b is the set of logs I used for the
>> tests to show with a low checkpoint_timeout that checkpoints are
>> getting correctly skipped on an idle system.
> Unfortunately neither A nor B apply anymore.
> However, since the patches can still be read through I wonder if Robert or
> Andres would care to opine on whether A or B is better now that they can
> see the full implementation?
> For my 2c I'm happy with XLogInsertExtended() since it seems to be a rare
> use case where flags are required.  This can always be refactored in the
> future if/when the use of flags spreads.

XLogInsertExtended() is the one I would commit, if.

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