On Tue, 3 Feb 2003, Greg Copeland wrote:

> Surely there are a couple of key developers whom would be willing to
> sign each other's keys and have previously met before.  Surely this
> would be the basis for phone validation.  Then, of course, there is 'ol
> snail-mail route too.  Of course, nothing beats meeting in person having
> valid ID and fingerprints "in hand."  ;)

I should mention, I'm not always so paranoid that I check ID and all of
that. It really depends on how well I know the person. I've met Bruce only
once, so I wouldn't do it over the phone at all, since we don't share much
non-public background and I'm not dead certain that I could tell his voice
from a similar one. The same is not true when it comes to doing this with
some of my close friends.

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