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> José Luis Tallón wrote:
> >     Just wanted to suggest two minor mods to the review e-mails
> > auto-generated by the app:
> >
> > * Prepend a [review] tag to the e-mail subject
> >     ... so that e-mails sent to -hackers will read  " [HACKERS] [review]
> > <patch title goes here>"
> Changing the subject of an email causes Gmail to break the threads, so
> anything in that line should be discouraged.  -1 from me.  I would be
> happier if the subject of the submission email is kept intact, i.e. not
> use the patch title that was used in commitfest app but use the one in
> the email.  These often differ.

That's what the code tries to do. It will add a Re: if there isn't one
already, but otherwise should reuse it.  At least that's how it's trying to
work - do you have a pointer to an example where it doesn't, so I can
investigate if something is off?

> > * Auto-CC the patch author on this e-mail
> >     I guess this should speed up reactions / make communication a bit
> more
> > fluid.
> Yes, strong +1 on this.

Ok, that should be easy enough to add. I've stuck it on my TODO list and
will try to get it ASAP.

> 3) Have the auto-generated emails insert In-Reply-To headers (and
> perhaps References).

It already does. Both. Again, do you have a pointer to where it doesn't?

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