On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Bruce Momjian wrote:

> Yes, some have asked about this.  My understanding was that CIDR
> (host/len) was mostly for networks, while hostname/mask was for hosts.
> Now, you can specify hosts using /32, but is is unusual?  Maybe not.

Typically, if you have something like an access list where you're
specifying hosts or networks, you default the netmask to /32 if it's not

However, if we're going to maintain backward compatability with the old
format (i.e., using a separately specified netmask in the next column if
no slash is present in the address column) we can't do that.

Personally, I'm all for breaking backwards compatability (as I usually
am :-)) but could quite easily live with specifying all most hosts as
"n.n.n.n/32" forever into the future, too.

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