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> >
> > But for that, I think we don't need to do anything extra.  I mean
> > write_nondefault_variables() will automatically write the non-default
> > of variable and then during backend initialization, it will call
> > read_nondefault_variables which will call set_config_option for
> > parameters and that should set the required value if we have assign_*
> > function defined for the variable.
> Yes if the variable that we'd like to pass to a backend is BOOL, INT,
> REAL, STRING or ENUM. But SyncRepConfig variable is a bit more
> complicated.

SyncRepConfig is a parsed result of SyncRepStandbyNames, why you want to
pass that?  I assume that current non-default value of SyncRepStandbyNames
will be passed via write_nondefault_variables(), so we can use that to
regenerate SyncRepConfig.

> So ISTM that write_one_nondefault_variable() needs to
> be updated so that SyncRepConfig is written to a file.

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