On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 11:05 AM, Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I spent some time today reading through the new 0001 and in general I
> think it looks pretty good.


> 1. Changing cost_sort to consider disk access as 90% sequential, 10%
> random rather than 75% sequential, 25% random.  As far as I can recall
> from the thread, zero test results have been posted to demonstrate
> that this is a good idea.  It also seems completely unprincipled.

I think that it's less unprincipled than the existing behavior, which
imagines that I/O is a significant cost overall, something that is
demonstrably wrong (there is an XXX comment about the existing disk
access costings). Still, I agree that there is no logical reason to
connect it to the bulk of what I want to do here, except that maybe it
would be good if we were more optimistic about the cost of external
sorting now. cost_sort() knows nothing about cache efficiency, of
course, so naturally we cannot teach it to weigh cache efficiency less
heavily. I guess I was worried that the smaller run sizes would put
cost_sort() off external sorts even more, even as they became far

> 2. Restricting the maximum number of tapes to 500.  This seems like a
> sound change and I don't object to it in theory.  But I've seen no
> benchmark results which demonstrate that this is a good idea, and it
> is quite separate from the core purpose of the patch.

Ditto. This is something that could be done separately. We've often
pondered if it made any sense at all (e.g. commit message of
c65ab0bfa97b71bceae6402498910f4074996279), and I'm sure that it
doesn't, but the memory refund stuff in the already memory management
patch at least refunds the cost for the final on-the-fly merge (iff

> Since time is short, I recommend we remove both of these things from
> the patch and you can resubmit them as separate patches later.  As far
> as I can see, neither of them is so tied into the rest of the patch
> that the main part of the patch can't be committed without those
> changes.

I agree to all this. Now that you've indicated where you stand on
replacement_sort_mem, I have all the information I need to produce a
new revision. I'll go do that.

Peter Geoghegan

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