On 04/07/2016 09:50 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
Robert, José,

I've rebased this on top of master and added a few additional checks and
regression tests.

Applies and compiles cleanly, of course. Passes all 164 tests, too.
- make installcheck-world ok
- interdiff checked, nothing very surprising

using "pg_abcdef" (very unlikely to ever exist) is indeed better than using "pg_backup" to test system 'reservedness'

*Documentation: changes seem to make it less repetitive regarding "pg_signal_backend". Should reduce diff size when future system roles get added ;)


    Spotted the added    if (strncmp(*newval, "pg_", 3) == 0)
    at src/backend/commands/variable.c
    (plus pre-existing) src/bin/pg_dump/pg_dumpall.c

I hadn't realized it could be needed there... I'm not familiar enough with the code just yet.

I reckon there's no need to add a separate helper to check this at the moment; might be needed later, when the superuser review patches get merged :)

I'm planning to continue going over the patch tomorrow morning with
plans to push this before the feature freeze deadline.

Good. Thank you for the effort.

    / J.L.

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