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Personally, I like documenting assertions, and will sometimes write
assertions that the compiler could easily optimize away. Maybe going
*that* far is more a matter of personal style, but I think an
assertion about the new index tuple size being <= the old one is just
a good idea. It's not about a problem in your code at all.

You should make index_truncate_tuple()/index_reform_tuple() promise to
always do this in its comments/contract with caller as part of this,

Some notices:
- index_truncate_tuple(Relation idxrel, IndexTuple olditup, int indnatts,
                       int  indnkeyatts)
  Why we need indnatts/indnkeyatts? They are presented in idxrel struct
- follow code where index_truncate_tuple() is called, it should never called in
  case where indnatts == indnkeyatts. So, indnkeyatts should be strictly less
  than indnatts, pls, change assertion. If they are equal the this function
  becomes complicated variant of CopyIndexTuple()
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