On 04/08/2016 05:05 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
CommitFest 2016-03 is now closed.  I have moved "Twophase transactions
on slave", "Partial sort", and "amcheck (B-Tree integrity checking
tool)" to the next CommitFest in accordance with the policy previous
set by the release management team.   I have left "Replace buffer
manager spinlock with atomic operations" active in the current
CommitFest because it was granted an extension.  The RMT has received
Tom's request for an extension on the "Unique Joins" patch but has not
yet reached a decision.

Feature freeze is now in effect.  Please, no more feature commits.
Let's turn our attention to the task of working through the open items

I think this is going to be a great release.  Hopefully, we (by which
I mean, in no small part, I) have not committed too many bugs along
with all of the great features.


Can I just say, "Woot!, well done all!"



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