* Andrew Dunstan:

On 04/09/2016 08:43 AM, Christian Ullrich wrote:

Michael Paquier wrote:

I don't think that's good to use malloc in those code paths, and I


+#if (_MSC_VER >= 1900)
+       uint32  cp;
+       if (GetLocaleInfoEx(ctype,
+                       (LPWSTR) &cp, sizeof(cp) / sizeof(WCHAR)) > 0)
+       {
+               r = malloc(16);                 /* excess */
+               if (r != NULL)
+                       sprintf(r, "CP%u", cp);
+       }
+       else
+       {

I don't think we need to be too precious about saving a byte or two
here. Can one or other of you please prepare a replacement patch based
in this discussion?

Sorry, I don't think I'm up to that (at least not for another week or so). I have to read up on the issue first; right now I'm not sure what exactly the problem is.

What I can say is that the existing patch needs more work, because GetLocaleInfoEx() expects a locale name ("de-DE") as its first argument, but the patched win32_langinfo() is giving it a locale identifier ("German_Germany.1252"). At least it does for me.

I have not gone through the code sufficiently closely to find out where the argument to win32_langinfo() originates, but I will when I can.

As for missing code page information in the _locale_t type, ISTM it isn't hidden any better in UCRT than it was before:

int main()
    /* Set locale with nonstandard code page */
    _locale_t loc = _create_locale(LC_ALL, "German_Germany.850");

__crt_locale_data_public* pub = (__crt_locale_data_public*)(loc->locinfo);
    printf("CP: %d\n", pub->_locale_lc_codepage);  // "CP: 850"
    return 0;


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