On 04/12/2016 01:07 PM, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
> Our roadmap http://www.postgresql.org/developer/roadmap/ is the problem.
> We don't have clear roadmap and that's why we cannot plan future feature
> full release. 

As someone who's worked at multiple proprietary software companies,
having a roadmap doesn't magically make code happen.

> There are several postgres-centric companies, which have
> most of developers, who do all major contributions. All these companies
> has their roadmaps, but not the community. I think 9.6 release is
> inflection point, where we should combine our roadmaps and release the
> one for the community. Than we could plan releases and our customers
> will see what to expect. I can't say for other companies, but we have
> big demand for many features from russian customers and we have to
> compete with other databases. Having community roadmap will helps us to
> work with customers and plan our resources.

It would be good to have a place for the companies who do PostgreSQL
feature work would publish their current efforts and timelines, so we at
least have a go-to place for "here's what someone's working on".  But
only if that information is going to be *updated*, something we're very
bad at.  And IMHO, a "roadmap" which is less that 50% accurate is a
waste of time.

There's an easy way for you to kick this off though: have PostgresPro
publish a wiki page or Trello board or github repo or whatever with your
roadmap and invite other full-time PostgreSQL contributors to add their

Josh Berkus
Red Hat OSAS
(any opinions are my own)

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