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Emmanuel Charpentier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

However, this does *not* work between a 7.3-generated dump and a 7.2
production server. The archiver complaints of an 'unknown archive format :
"0"' (I'm quoting this from the top of my head : my production server is
not reachable from the place I'm writing this).

In general, dumps from newer versions make use of SQL features that are
not in older versions; so it's more or less hopeless to expect backwards
compatibility of dumps.  I'm not sure why pg_dump's archive header
format changed, but even without that you'd be facing SQL-level
compatibility issues.

You could perhaps have some success by dumping as a text-format dump
(not -Fc or -Ft) and then editing the resulting file to dumb the SQL
down to 7.2's level.
That's what I did ... I had little to no issues with the resulting SQL, but emacs'ing my way in a database dump was ... strange !

Thanks a lot !

Emmanuel Charpentier

PS : Tom, I'm Cc'ing you, but I'm not sure that this answer will reach you directly. Your spam filter asininely believes that anybody running SMTP on a dynamically assigned IP is a spammer !

Emmanuel Charpentier

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