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> Hi all,
> (Windows-only be careful)
> Horiguchi-san has mentioned yesterday
> (
> that we are missing a couple of modes in in its help
> message: modulescheck, bincheck, recoverycheck.
> The help message given to users is ugly and unreadable:
> $ perl
> Usage:
> <check|installcheck|plcheck|contribcheck|isolationcheck|ecpgcheck|upgradecheck>
> [schedule]

This seems to be accumultion of gradually edting for every check

> So I would like to suggest the attached patch that makes things easier
> to understand:
> $ perl
> Usage: <mode> [ <schedule> ]

It is an issue of this patch, but the command line is not, but vcregress[.bat]. However nobody would care
about the difference.

> Options for <mode>:
>   bincheck       run tests of utilities in src/bin/
>   check          deploy instance and run regression tests on it
>   contribcheck   run tests of modules in contrib/
>   ecpgcheck      run regression tests of ECPG driver
>   installcheck   run regression tests on existing instance
>   isolationcheck run isolation tests
>   modulescheck   run tests of modules in src/test/modules
>   plcheck        run tests of PL languages
>   recoverycheck  run recovery test suite
>   upgradecheck   run tests of pg_upgrade
> Options for <schedule>:
>   serial         serial mode
>   parallel       parallel mode

This looks good to me but since <schedule> is optional, some
description about default behavior would be needed.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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